The Toaster


This personal concrete fireplace will create a hygge atmosphere anywhere you’d like. It will keep you warm and toasty for approximately 60 minutes.

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This modern 3D printed design is the perfect way to create a hygge ambiance anywhere. My modern and durable design is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our fire fireplace be the centerpiece of your party or special occasion. This personal fireplace for roasting marshmallows for s’mores or to sit and be entranced by the flame for instant relaxation.

Use ONLY isopropyl alcohol 70% or greater, not included due to shipping restrictions. Burns up to 60 minutes when filled to the fill line with high-quality isopropyl alcohol.

Every fireplace has been handcrafted with love in my workshop in El Cajon, CA. Each one is mixed in small batches with slight variations. Each fireplace is unique and will have some small bubbles (fewer than others on the market) or slight imperfections due to the casting process. This is completely normal, but I strive to make each one as perfect as possible.

Use the fireplace at your own risk. Although I build fireplaces from quality ingredients and quality check each fireplace before sale, nevertheless there is always an element of risk with burning alcohol. By using the fireplace, you agree to abide by all the use and safety guidelines below and that the seller will not be held liable for any misuse of the product or failure to follow all the use and safety guidelines.

Safety Warnings:

– Use ONLY isopropyl alcohol 70% or greater. The use of different types of alcohol can be extremely dangerous. Using purer alcohol will result in a purer (less sooty) flame; however, burning any type of alcohol may result in some soot, possibly staining surfaces.
– Ensure at least 48” overhead clearance before lighting the fireplace.
– While in use, keep away from flammable surfaces/objects. While the fireplace is ignited, ensure that nothing is touching any side of the fireplace or the bottom, except for the feet.
– Use fireplace only on a hard, flat, stable surface.
– Do not use the fireplace in high winds.
– Never move fireplace while it contains alcohol, even if not ignited.
– Never move or handle the fireplace while it is ignited or for at least 30 minutes after burning as it will be extremely hot. Take care to keep kids, pets, and flammable objects away from the fireplace during and after burning while the fireplace is still hot.
– Do not use the fireplace if it appears cracked or damaged or if any of the feet are missing.
– Do not modify the fireplace in any way. Never remove the feet from the fireplace or modify them as they provide a safety buffer between the bottom of the fireplace (which will be extremely hot while ignited) and the surface it rests on.
– Never add more alcohol to the fireplace while it is ignited or for at least 60 minutes after use.
– Never fill the fireplace more than 3/4ths full with alcohol.
– Never leave the fireplace unattended while lit.
– Never store alcohol in the fireplace between uses. If any alcohol remains after use, wait at least 30 minutes for the fireplace to cool and properly dispose of or store the alcohol.

Weight 64.05 oz
Dimensions 7.8125 × 3.125 × 2.75 in

With Silicone Base, Without Silicone Base


Blue, Grey Dark Grey


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